U.S. traditional & commercial
barrel sizes

Among traditional and commercial barrel sizes not defined in federal law were

the flour barrel 3 bushels (In U.S. Dept. of Agriculture statistics, a “barrel” is 196 pounds of wheat or rye flour or 200 pounds of cornmeal.)
barrel of sugar 5 cubic feet
barrel of Portland cement 4 cubic feet (4 bags to a barrel), equivalent to 376 pounds.
barrel of whiskey The Revenue Service considered the whiskey barrel held 31 gallons, but the actual physical barrels seem to have held 50 gallons. 

United States Code, title 15. ch. 6, sec. 231-242. 

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Standards.
Circular 71, Rules and Regulations Promulgated under Authority of the Federal Standard-Barrel Law, 1917.

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