In Peru, at least as early as the 16th century – 20th century, a unit of land area. The usual value is approximately 3,493 square meters (approximately 0.86 acres).

United Nations, 1966.

Some values for specific localities are:

Cuzco approximately 2,720 square meters (approximately 0.67 acres)
Puno approximately 4,608 square meters (approximately 1.14 acres)

Mason says that in Inca times, the topo was a unit of distance, about 7.25 kilometers, and "Areas were also figured by the topo, but the areal topo was only an acre or so." Compare tupo.

J. Alden Mason.
The Ancient Civilizations of Peru. Rev. ed.
Hammondsworth (Midlesex): Penguin Books, 1968.

Page 234.

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