In Lancashire, England, ? – 18th century, a unit of capacity for grain. Also spelled awkendale.² Houghton (1693) says it was 7 quarts “at Clitheroe, and the east parts of Lancashire,” which is the same size he attributes to the peck in those locations, whereas in “Lancaster and norwards” the peck was 6 gallons.

1. John Houghton.
A Collection of Letters for the Improvement of Husbandry and Trade.
Issue #46, of 23 June 1693. Page 132 in the collected 4-vol edition.

2. Peter Walkden.
Extracts from the Diary of … P.W., Nonconformist Minister, for … 1725, 1729, and 1730.
Preston (UK): 1866.

Entry for 30 October, page 62.

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