ali, alee

In India, 19th century, a unit of land area. In Kumaon,= 2½ bísís; in Garwhal, = 4 bísís. Perhaps also a unit of dry capacity.



Please see source note 1 in bísí.


“is sometimes said to be a measure of 2½ Bisis” in Kumaon, India.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 569.


Áli, Alee, H[indi]. (آلي) A land measure of four Bisis. Nine Ális go to one Júla. —Gerwhal.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 18.

Some problems with this:

1) It implies a jhula of 36 bisis, many more than most sources give for the jhula. However, it is repeating Elliot, 1845 (page 13) who says:

Alee, A land measure equivalent to four Beesees. Nine Alee go to a Joola.—Gurhwal and Kumaon.

2) According to Traill, who was on the spot, the jhula of Garwhal was sized in dhons, not bisis.

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