In Burma, ? – 20th century, a unit of length, approximately 3.912 kilometers (approximately 2.4305 miles). chart symbol Also romanized (19th century) as tehng, taing and tang. The dain is sometimes referred to as a “Burmese league.”

United Nations, 1966.

as "taing": Chaney, 1897.



a taing, a measure of distance equal to 1,000 tas (), about 2 miles; in Upper Burma rather more than 2, and in some localities even nearer 3 English miles. (According to some 2.4306 statute miles.)

Robert C. Stevenson.
Judson's Burmese-English Dictionary. Revised and Enlarged.
Rangoon: Printed by the Superintendent, Government Printing, 1893.
Page 49.


The Burmese league equal to two miles and two furlongs.

Simmonds (1892), page 119.

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