In France, 16th – 19th century, a unit of mass, about 3.8242264 grams. link to a chart showing relationships between units of poids de marc. Also called a drachme, and in Burgundy, a treiseau. According to Guilhiermoz, before the 16th century the same unit was called a tresel in the North and a ternal in the Midi.

By law between 1800 and 1812, 10 grams.

In the Système Usuel, the gros usuelle was about 3.906 grams, 1/128th of a livre usuelle.

P. Guilhiermoz.
Remarques diverses sur les poids et mesures du moyen age.
Bibliothéque de l'Ecole des Chartres, volume 80 (1919).

Page 10.

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