ḵharvār [Farsi]

See also kharwar.

X A map showing the location of Iran.

Where is Iran?

(The “kh” with which the word begins should have a bar below it, which we cannot produce on a web browser.)

In the Achaemenid empire, a unit of mass = 100 mans. Literally, an ass load. It varied locally with the size of the man; in Shiraz, about 330 kilograms; in Tabriz, about 300 kilograms.

In Iran globe icon,  20th century, the Customs Convention of 1903 described the kharvar as 650 pounds or 294.8 kilograms. The metrication law of 31 May 1926 fixed it at 300 kilograms, = 300,000 derhams.

Willem Floor.
Weights and Measures in Qajar Iran.
Studia Iranica, vol. 37, page 57-114 (2008).

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