See also vasseau.


In the Netherlands, 19th – 20th centuries, a legal measure of capacity, = 100 liters. One vat = 100 litrons or kannen = 1000 matjes or verres. (United Nations, 1966). It had the same value in Belgium.


In Holland and Belgium, various units used in freighting of ships:

Locale Equivalents Commodities liters
milk 29
Amsterdam = 717 mengels olive oil Doursther: 853.4
Simmonds: 1024.9
= 4 barriques wine Doursther: 914.4
Simmonds: 1098.2
a type of ship ton based on volume = 40 cubic feet
a type of ship ton based on weight


In Brussels, a unit of dry capacity used for cinders, about 50.89 liters, equal to the unit called the mesure used for cinders in Louvain and Diest.


In England, 15th century? – abolished 1835, a unit of dry capacity used for coal, about 415.15 liters.  Also spelled vatt. “The London chaldron was usually defined as four vatts ‘ringed and heaped’.”1

1. Connor, page 181. 

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